Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bradley & Jessica's Wedding Day 9-16-2006

Bradley & Jessica

Davis, Caroline, Dalton & Emma

Miss Emma

Our Family

How Sweet!

Mommy & Dalton

Mrs. Carolyn and Dalton
Mr. Handsome

Pre-Wedding Fun

Last Minute Adjustments by Uncle Tony
Sticky 'stuff' in my hair!
Miss Caroline Rose


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The 'Mouse' In Our House!!!!

Okay .... so I am not 100% convinced there is a 'real' mouse in our house ... maybe a rat .... maybe sly fox ... possibly a mischevious 3 year old!!!!!!

Emma and I started out the door today to go to story time and I hurried her into her bathroom to brush her teeth and her hair ..... It didn't take long for me to realize something was not exactly right .... maybe some hair missing?!

I tried not to panic .. . I asked Emma what happened to her hair .... 'nothing' she said! Okay .... I then asked, 'Did you cut your hair?' ....... 'No" she replied .........I tried again ...'WHO cut your hair?' She smugly replied, 'a MOUSE did'.

I just could not believe not only what I was seeing, but what I was hearing as well!

I marched her downstairs to see her Daddy and he met us in the kitchen!
He had overheard our conversation through the baby monitor so was bracing himself for the worst!

He patiently asked Emma all the same questions and finally after repeatedly telling us the mouse did it ..... we just asked 'okay .. where did the mouse cut your hair?'

One simple reply, 'In the bonus room'!

This is what we found.............................................behind the tv cabinet!

I instantly called our hairstylist and left her an urgent message to call me back!!!
Even being the scrapbook mom that I am ....I did not think to take a picture of the 'before/after' I think I was a little traumatized! Just a couple of hours later she was sitting in the beauty shop about to get a second haircut for the day!
Jennifer assured me that I should be very lucky the damage was not worse than it was!
She had made a 'clean' cut right below her right ear! It was quickly decided to just to cut the rest of the hair even with Emma's first haircut attempt ........and please let it be our last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this is the result of the story.......................................

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Arbonne Central! August 2006

Close Night!

Arbonne Central!!!

6 women, 1 computer tech, 3 laptops, 7 phones, 2 ink pens and 1 calculator!

Meeting our goal...priceless!!!

Belinda Williams, Kim Gooch, Kara Bertram, Me, Jeannie Burton and
My Sister Shannon McCracken

August Promotions
Suzy Fair Robinette - 1st step Regional Vice President!!!
Shannon McCracken - 1st step AREA MANAGER

ME -How is this for Multi-tasking?!

District Manager
AND 1st step

Kim Gooch - District Manager!
Kara Bertram - District Manager!
Shannon Carter - 1st step District
Robyn Phillips - 1st step District
Belinda Williams - 1st step District
Andrea Collins - 1st step District
Amanda Taylor - 1st step District