Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Toothless Grin ... Tears and All

After spending the weekend in Gatlinburg with my family we started home yesterday and Emma finally decided that after trying to eat an oreo with her ridiculous loose tooth that it was time for it to come out!  I climbed in the back seat with her to 'try' to help her, but I am such a wimp when it comes to do with anything relating to a dentist!!  Shannon finally had to take an exit off of 1-75 and thought he would give it a try....(he has the same phobia as me in this department)  So after a few uneventful attempts I got the privilege of getting it out!  

Emma immediately wanted a photo to send to P-Pa so Shannon took this one with his iphone ... tears, blood and all!  

When we were getting ready for bed last night I remembered that when she lost her first tooth ....her school pictures were the next day!  Wouldn't you know that Christmas pictures at school will be taken today!  What is up with that??

It looks pretty cute though!!  

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day is FINALLY here!

State Cross Country Meet

Davis, Caroline and Dalton
We are so proud of these 3!
Lexington, KY
November 1, 2008

Davis congratulating Caroline after her Race!

CJ and Dalton

The kids had some 'surprise' spectactors to watch them race!!

RG and Dalton

Poppy helping Dalton get his shoes laced up!

Yes....'I' was there too!! ;0)

Caroline worked diligently pinning her number to her jersey!

Davis was glad to have some help!